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Fall Reset: Hospitality & Planning Ahead With Abby Turner

Abby Turner is ready to encourage the sisterhood to open our homes and invite people over before we overthink things. Why? Because hospitality isn’t about the fancy menu or immaculate home; it’s about people! It’s about serving as Jesus served. When we discipline ourselves to make our homes and tables available to others, we are ensuring that we are serving those around us. We can’t wait for the perfect time, because that will never happen. Abby says hospitality is a discipline, not a spiritual gift.

In true Open Door Sisterhood fashion, Abby is part practical and part inspirational. Not only does she provide a faith foundation for why we should practice hospitality, she also gives us lots of things to think about as we look ahead to fall and even the holidays. Planning goes a long way. Grocery stores can help with the prep. Simplicity can help make it happen. And again, it’s all about the people! So what can we do ahead of time, to be able to enjoy people in the moment? This episode provides some clues to help eliminate avoidable holiday stress.

Abby gives us some great easy recipe ideas, she offers her best holiday timesaving tips, and she reminds us that we can bring the fun to others. Whether it’s taking a friend dinner at HER house or simply bringing a friend a coffee on the soccer sidelines, hospitality is about having a heart of service and we can do that anywhere! Don’t wait another second, go ahead and push play and get ready for a fall hospitality reset.

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A few things mentioned

Abby’s cookbook The Living Table: Recipes and Devotions for Everyday Get-Togethers

Abby’s Chicken Pesto with Gnocchi recipe

Abby’s sister, photographer Molly Anne Sandefur


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