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The Healthy Way Series: Friendships – It’s Complicated with Andi Andrews

Female friendships can be… complicated. Today in the Healthy Way Series we are looking at how to be healthier in our friendships in 2022. If you’ve ever struggled in friendship, or if you need some encouragement on how to cultivate deeper and more meaningful relationships, this is for you!

This is one of our favorite topics as a Sisterhood. We are big fans of authentic female relationships that build up rather than tear down. We are also fans of Andi Andrew, author, speaker, and pastor. Andi shares her wisdom and experience in a way that helps us see our part in creating healthy sisterhood.

If you are ready to strengthen and nurture your friendships this year, dive in to this episode!

You can find out more about Andi on her website or about their church on their website as well.

Some Things You Heard On The Show

Friendship: It’s Complicated by Andi Andrew

Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend

FASTer Way to Fat Loss with Abby Miller

 Resolved: The 5 Most Important Decisions You’ll Make This Year a 10 day group coaching experience with Krista Gilbert


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