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The Healthy Way: Healthy Families with Jodi Mockabee

As we look at the new year, we can set health goals for ourselves. That’s good! We can also set goals for our families. But how does one do that? And what happens when kids grow (read live into their free will and have opinions of their own) and make decisions we as moms find “unhealthy”?

Jodi Mockabee has a home full of teenagers and joins the sisterhood to discuss creating an environment that values health within our homes. We talk the basics of nutrition and exercise, but we also talk about modeling healthy behaviors, how to set realistic habit goals for ourselves, and when to allow our kids to experience natural consequences. Everything from pornography to food choices, we consider both the how and the why of leading our families toward health.

Mom, if you are wondering where to start in your own life, if you feel like your kids are harder to convince to move their bodies these days as you drag them out of bed, if you have ever wondered how you should handle a repeat unhealthy choice, this episode is for you. Jodi offers practical tips to move toward health in mind, body, and soul in the new year.

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A few things mentioned on the show

Jodi’s new book The Whole & Healthy Family

Episode 274 of The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast with Bethany McDaniel, Primally Pure founder

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures by Kristen A. Jensen

Pure Desire Ministries

Francie Winslow

Dr. Juli Slattery

Fight The New Drug


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The company’s Founder, Bethany, is a mom of two and farmer’s wife who truly cares about the integrity of the ingredients they use and the products they create. Primally Pure’s products are made at their headquarters in Southern California (not in a third party lab) by their team of skincare chefs for maximum freshness and purity.

Primally Pure offers a happiness guarantee and they will give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied, but I know you will be – their products are truly transformative for the skin (perhaps touch on personal experience briefly!) and their blog is also full of information and knowledge to empower you in confidently making healthier decisions and becoming the most vibrant version of yourself.

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