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A New Way of Effective Goal Setting – hello 2024!

Have you ever felt frustrated by New Year’s resolutions? Do you tend to set the same goals over and over again with little progress?

Today on the podcast hosts Krista Gilbert and Alexandra Kuykendall talk about effective goal setting and what elements need to be addressed in order to make lasting change. They also address common mistakes people make when the calendar turns.

Krista, a life and leadership coach, coaches Alex through one of her goals for 2024 in real time. Alex is real, vulnerable, and open as she shares about her goal and what gets in the way of her success in this area. Push play to find out what it is and to see, in real time, the effective goal setting process.

If you want to make changes that last this year, listen in!


Download the effective goal setting worksheet

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    • What is the one goal you want to focus on for the next 90 days?
    • What is your deeper why behind that goal?
    • What are your limiting beliefs that come up against this goal?
    • What is a powerful thought you can repeat when the limiting beliefs arise?
    • What is your roadmap to achieve your goal? It is helpful to create systems that set you up for success.

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