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The Open Door Podcast

Shannon Polk is a modern day Renaissance woman. An attorney, a nonprofit consultant, and most recently an associate pastor, Shannon combines head work with heart work. We’ll hear how Shannon lives an integrated life as pastor, wife, and mother, how her legal training impacts her ministry work, and how racial reconciliation plays out in her Read More

  We are committed to helping you with practical matters in your life here at The Sisterhood, so we like to offer suggestions and help on financial health, knowing that this is an important need.  As summer approaches, many of us dream of vacations and memorable experiences with our friends, family, and children, but the Read More

New York Times bestselling author, Lisa Bevere, joins The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast in a one of a kind interview. We talk about her newest book Adamant: Finding Truth in a Universe of Opinions. Lisa explains how she establishes fences (not walls) in her own life to ensure she has clarity of mind and purpose Read More

‘Tis the season for….ORGANIZING!  Is anyone else getting the spring cleaning – throw it out – organize every drawer in the house- bug?  Us too.  That’s why this week the sisterhood is hosting Morgan Tyree, a professional organizer, to talk about tips and tricks for organizing the various sections of our homes. This organization will Read More

“ Sherri Crandall is a woman willing to walk through the doors God opens, even if she’s not quite sure what’s waiting for her on the other side. Her most recent move took her from a place she loved to a place God had been preparing for years. As doors have opened she has seen Read More

  For the past several years, there’s been a buzz about a self-assessment tool known as the Enneagram.  The purpose of it?  To know thyself.  It is a system of classifying personality types based on a nine-pointed starlike figure inscribed within a circle.  While it may seem the Enneagram suddenly surfaced into the milieu of Read More

Karen Stott is the master at the work-life balance. Not afraid of the “b word”, she sees balance as maintaining a healthy rhythm in her workload while knowing her own capacity. When she was building her photography business, Karen had a difficult time finding a support system that would encourage both work and family, so Read More

Some couples choose to be childless in our culture, but when this decision is not made by choice, it can be devastating.  Almost 5 million couples in the US experience infertility at some point in their marriage, and many more suffer miscarriages, or the loss of children.  Some singles who are moving beyond child-bearing years Read More

Belle means beautiful in Latin, and that is exactly what Erin Weidemann is trying to help girls define.  Using women of the Bible, Erin has created a company whose mission is to teach girls about prayerfulness, patience, bravery, leadership, and loyalty.  The hope is that girls would not only learn about these women of faith Read More

Sister, grab your teenage daughter and listen to this interview together. As the youngest guest to date on The Open Door Sisterhood Podcast, YouTube sensation Chelsea Crockett talks with host Krista Gilbert about everything from how she met her boyfriend (Twitter was involved), to how she started making YouTube videos, to what it’s like living Read More