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The Open Door Podcast

Using meaningful rituals is one of the best ways to celebrate those milestone birthdays that mark a coming of age or “set apart” occasion.  In this interview, Krista explains how her extended family uses rituals to mark two very special birthdays. This episode will spark your creativity and help you think through how you can Read More

From motherhood to work life, Kayla Aimee has had to adapt to unexpected turns the last decade. Her first child arrived very early, a micro-preemie throwing her into the world of NICU mothering. Now a mom to two, Kayla and her husband recently switched roles in the work/home life and Kayla has gone from stay Read More

  Do you ever wonder how the next generation is going to grow up with a healthy view of sexuality?  Do you struggle  talking about sexuality yourself?  Sometimes we want to start conversations with those we love, but we just don’t have the words.  On this podcast we dive into the important and vulnerable topic Read More

Jamie Ivey is a woman on the go. Fellow mom of four, wife to worship pastor Aaron, creator and host of the very popular podcast, The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey, it’s no surprise she has lots of energy. She also has a refreshing honesty as she talks about her own journey, her struggles (both Read More

S-U-M-M-E-R  T-I-M-E!  It’s what we wait for all year long.  We often have high hopes and big dreams for our summer months, yet the reality of unscheduled days can hit hard.  If you have kids at home this summer and want some help figuring out how to do the daily schedule well, we’re here to Read More

What does it mean to be a woman of legacy? To have an impact beyond today? The Open Door Sisterhood is set to equip women to do just that, design a life that has an eternal imprint. And mother/daughter duo Jackie Green and Lauren Green McAfee, of the Hobby Lobby Green family, are on a Read More

  Summer is the perfect time to break out the fishing poles, pop the tent, and hit the trails.  It’s a chance to put the electronics away and open ourselves up to good conversation and creative thinking.  For the first time in Open Door history, Krista’s husband, Erik, an avid outdoorsman, joins her to talk Read More

Hannah Brencher didn’t aim to create a global love letter writing campaign. A recent college graduate, she was living in New York City and feeling isolated. She realized writing letters to strangers helped her take her focus off of herself. In her struggle with depression, this focus switch helped her mental health. But when she Read More

What if you could learn a tool that would change the way you communicate?  What if you could speak in a way that inspires action and change?  Would you be interested?  Us too.  That’s why The Sisterhood invited Dr. John Trent to come on the show to talk about a time-tested communication tool:  word pictures Read More

Shannon Polk is a modern day Renaissance woman. An attorney, a nonprofit consultant, and most recently an associate pastor, Shannon combines head work with heart work. We’ll hear how Shannon lives an integrated life as pastor, wife, and mother, how her legal training impacts her ministry work, and how racial reconciliation plays out in her Read More